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Philippe Potin, research director at the Marine station of Roscoff and scientific coordinator of the IDEALG project, has gathered 18 different partners from the academic sector (CNRS, IFREMER, UEB, UBO, UBS, ENSCR, University ofNantes, INRA, AgroCampus), the industrial sector (C-WEED, Bezhin Rosko, Aleor, France Haliotis, DuPont) as well as a technical centre specialized in seaweeds (CEVA) in order to foster biotechnology applications within the seaweed field.

Genetics. The IDEALG project will raise interests on genomic and post-genomic studies of seaweed to develop new tools and methods which will help to select and identify local populations with interesting industrial applications. The goal will be to use these tools to improve domestication processes and contribute to the biotechnological expansion in the field of seaweed exploitation. Micro-organisms which are found associated to seaweed will also be studied in order to better understand metabolic interactions between bacteria and algae. The overall knowledge will benefit the seaweed sector which focuses on transformation processes, such as degradation or bioconversion of the biomass as well as extraction of molecules involved in natural defence mechanisms.

Blue chemistry. Seaweed is well known for its high content in hydrocolloids (alginate, carrageenan, and agar), which present specific chemical and physical properties and are already commercialized. However, other components produced in the algae biomass are defined as higher value molecules and will receive great attention during the IDEALG project. Indeed, IDEALG will focus on new molecules and active substances in order to respond to the growing market of natural products. The study and optimization of new and environmental friendly transformation and synthesis procedures of these bio-molecules will also be attended to, in order to insure a sustainable development.

Biomass. In France, most of the seaweed biomass is harvested from natural populations. With the aim in developing and diversifying the use of seaweed, these populations and associated ecosystems are liable to be pressurized. Therefore, a consistent action in IDEALG will focus on improving production technologies (algoculture). IDEALG will reinforce knowledge of seaweed reproduction and domestication as well as the use of biotechnological tools and processes for optimizing the production of this biomass. 

Environment and society. The fundamental roadmap of IDEALG consists in assuring the production of indigenous, non-genetically modified and non-invasive species. The project will bring great attention on impacts liable to affect the environment but also other coastal activities sharing the same economical space. Social and economic issues will be considered in order to integrate a growing seaweed industry in a sustainable society, economy and environment.